Clanton Performance Horses

Clanton Performance Horses
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CPH Rates & Services
Training and Board

Performance Training (Includes one lesson per week): $800

Stall Board with Maintenance: $625

Pasture Board with Grain (round bale cost pro-rated): $225

Show Fees

Longview Show: $150

Class A Show (2-Day): $300

Class A Show (3-Day): $400

Class A Show (4-Day): $500

Class A Entry Deposit Fee: $200

Regional Show: $650

Scottsdale: $1,500

Youth Nationals: $1,500

Canadian Nationals: $1,500

US Nationals: $1,700

Special Incentives:

2nd Regional Show for same horse/year: $200 Off

2nd National Show for same horse/year: $500 Off

3rd Class A Show for same horse/year: $100 Off

Pricing Incentives for Futurity horses shown at US Nationals

Other Fees

Lessons (discount for packages): $50

Body Clip: $100

Professional Video or Photography Prep: $50

Blanket Repair/Cleaning: Actual Cost

Sellers Agent Fee: 15% of Sales

Hauling**: 0.70/mile
Minimum of $100

Training and board is due the 1st of the month. There will be a $25 late fee for any payments received after the 5th of the month.
*All show fees are due in advance of departure for horse show. Show rates do not include: entry fees, common stalls, early arrival fees, bedding, medicine, patronships when necessary, hauling to and from horse show. Additional charge for use of CPH horse may apply.
**If hauled by outside service, haulers fees will apply